Where Wild Wealth Meets Real Life Motherhood

with Cait Scudder & Taylor Lee

When we became pregnant, we searched everywhere for models and examples of high-impact, high-earning women in the coaching industry who were also moms of young kids.

Quite frankly: We couldn’t find many.

> Women making bank and raising babies.

> Women rising higher while grounding deeper into the reason she started this thing in the first place.

> Women who had calibrated to next levels of wealth and power …who also intimately knew the insane challenges and heart-exploding joys that motherhood brings, and knew the importance of generating more while doing less.
We craved mentorship from women who got it: The sleep deprivation. The leaking boobs. The blowout diapers. The mornings where “breakfast” looks like eating your kid’s half chewed leftovers off the floor. #iykyk

But also… women who knew how to have multi 6-figure/ half a million dollar launches with ease. Had 6-figure months as her norm. Women who were not only running households and teams, but also buying properties, elevating their wealth, and most importantly, creating a life just as rich as her 7-figure business. 

In other words…

We wanted mentorship from a Million Dollar Mama.

It didn’t exist, so we created it, TOGETHER.

For you.

With double the energy. Double the magic. In an offer this industry has never seen before.

Because mama: We never, ever want you guessing again whether or not you can have it all. 

You were born for this.

The 5-week experience to guide you into the energy and frequency of what it takes to be a 7-figure CEO, while also learning the practical and strategic shifts that we’ve employed in both our businesses to scale so that you can intentionally set yourself up for limitless growth, without the burnout, and with time for what matters most. We kick off July 26th!

Something changes when you become a mom.

Time is more precious.

Your schedule isn’t your own.

And surrendering to an even deeper level of trust, ease, and support is essential.

After each navigating the expansive periods of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, committed to only work 25 hr/weeks and calling in wild levels of expansion and upleveling (we’re talking a half a million dollar launch while 9 months pregnant (Cait) and crossing her first 7-figure year with a toddler and a new baby on the way (Taylor)

We're not afraid to say: 

We know some things.
We’ve learned some things.

And now, we want to share with you everything we’ve learned from running million dollar companies that deeply serve our clients, nourish our communities, and keep us connected to our families that matter most.

We’re sharing it all.

The energy/mindset shifts.
The business model shifts.
The scheduling shifts.
The team/delegation shifts. 
The pricing structure and product suite shifts.

Inside Million Dollar Mama, we’re joining forces to teach, guide, and empower YOU, mama — whether you’re already a mother or dreaming of expanding your family — on what it takes to run and grow a 7-figure business, with kiddos on your hip, with ease.

module breakdown


You get to have it all, mama! But it starts with your mindset and allowing yourself to call it all in - we’re sharing the beliefs we had to step into (and how!) to run 7 figure businesses with our newborns.


Get the inside look at what our teams and schedules really look like selling out launches, serving clients and still being present in our lives. How we actually do it all.


Strategic & structural shifts we made to our businesses to allow us so much time with our babies and to serve our clients on a high level (and make incredible money too) 


Let motherhood drive you instead of being your excuse. We will show you exactly how we get behind building this kind of wealth and calling in the money! 


Join Cait & Taylor LIVE for 90 minutes of Q&A.

what you get:

5 weeks of live coaching with Cait & Taylor as your Business Coaches & Mom Besties inside the private Million Dollar Mama Facebook group

($16,000 value)

2 weekly modules led by Taylor & 2 weekly modules led by Cait on Facebook Live

($4,000 value)

Journaling prompts to go with each module to help you fully integrate the teachings

($1000 value)

1 live 90-minute Zoom call for integration and Q&A with us both

($6000 value)


(because we can’t not overdeliver):

Cait’s Pregnant Boss Mama Masterclass & workbook
Taylor’s 7 Figure Mindset Routine Workbook: Includes her exact daily journaling process, millionaire beliefs + daily money manifestation ritual 

regular pricing: $2222 


 (5 spots ONLY)


Ever wondered what it would be like to private coach with either of us? Now you get us both ;)

Includes all of the above PLUS one 60-minute 1-1 call with Cait and one 60 minute 1-1 with Taylor.


After scaling her online coaching business to 6 figures in her first year and then to 7 figures as a new mom, Taylor Lee is passionate about showing other women how they can live Fully Free lives. She believes in keeping business simple and helps her clients tap into their unique way of creating their dream income with the most ease and joy possible.

 Hear more from Taylor on her podcast, Fully Free with Taylor Lee, and watch her daily stories for more behind the scenes on Instagram @_thetaylorlee.


Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured 7 figure Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. A TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving mama and wife, Cait’s mission is to empower ten million driven, bold-hearted women to uncover their zone of genius and use it to create a profitable, purpose-driven business that changes the world. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider among several other publications. Find her on Instagram at @caitscudder, on her podcast Born to Rise or on her website at cait.co.
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